Genetic Coder

M y name's Rob. I'm full time coder and dad. I do server programming, websites, web apps, and lately, mobile apps. I'm currently working as a Full Stack developer in the Tampa Bay area.

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Rob's Toolbox

Some of my favorite libraries, APIs, classes, methods and other open-source stuff I've published for various languages and platforms, including PHP, Java/Android, Javascript/jQuery.


An Android class to check for app updates.


Create real, disposable email addresses with JS.


A custom jQuery event for inputs and textareas.


An advanced search widget for MySQL or Oracle.

Who Downvoted Me?

Find out who downvoted you on StackOverflow.


An easy to use image manipulation library.


Persistent cross-browser JS database.


Compare and sync tables and schemas.

Bookmarlet Builder

A handy JS bookmarklet creator.


A browser addon to customize Facebook,

SOStupidity Filter

Filter the stupid from StackOverflow

Web crawler

A PHP/cURL/SQL web crawler that can login.


Manage files client-side without upload.

cPanel Email Manager

Manage emails programmatically through cPanel.


Maintain a suffix in a textbox with jQuery.


Make a handy confirm box with jQuery UI.

Gmail via PHP

A PHP class to interact with gMail.

FTP Stuff

A PHP class for doing FTP stuff.


A cURL function for PHP.

Single page Bootstrap blank

Bootstrap boilerplate using CDNs.

Credit Card Parser

Parse credit cards with native JS.

...tons of other handy bits on my blog.